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How the AirDrop works

Legal Disclaimer:  By joining DAX or participating in the future AirDrop* you agree to our Privacy Policy and TermsNo purchase necessary. This is not a token sale, just a potential free distribution of future tokens. We cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions, or any consequences arising from the usage of information contained on this website. We reserve the right to update or change any information at any time. *AirDrop requires a successful token generation event.

We will use "Points" to determine the token pot an individual falls into.  The points will be calculated once the token sale is complete and all participants will be notified of their tier. You do not need to join our whitelist/KYC to participate in the AirDrop.

After a token generation event, we will airdrop at least 900,000 tokens from the community reserve into the appropriate token pots. 

All Ethereum addresses must hold a balance over at least 0.1 ETH as of block 5099720 and rank among the top community members as measured by "Points" (signups + telegram growth) of DAX.

The amount of DAX received will be proportional to the amount of ETH held by the address.

Points shown are for reference purposes only and don't reflect your actual number of points inside the DAX community airdrop.  To prevent fraud, we will audit the top community members using our APIs to ensure all referrals and traffic is legitimate.

AirDrop Token Pots

  • 1% Tier: 500,000 token pot
  • 10% Tier: 250,000 token pot
  • 20% Tier: 100,000 token pot
  • Everyone Else: 50,000 token pot