Foundational Network Data Sample


We believe the most valuable token centered around personal data ownership will win because of the scale of their data.  Scale is why we think of companies like Facebook and Google when it comes to personal information and their ability to target consumers with relevant ads.  Scale is the race and the race is defined by the number of unique customer profiles available.  We believe the DAX token has a head start compared to other tokens tangentially related to our mission.

The first milestone in data aggregation happens at 1M records.  At this scale, this would be considered a niche network, but there are enough records for some brands to be interested in the data set.  At 100m records the scale is great enough for 90% of advertisers to be interested in the data and targeting capabilities.  At 1B+ records the scale becomes that of Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc..

Here's a sample of the 5,000+ brands that will be invited to participate in the exchange through our current partnerships:

The DAX token will launch with access to 100M+ monthly unique records. 

The race is to 1B records powered by consumers opting in their data.  

Here's a small sample of the data consumers & brands will have access to:


Name:  Chad Ledford

Profile:  "bargain hunter"

Email (MD5 hashed):  c41484b9161cb33b8526a1e5fd85fcol

Twitter Handle:  @chadledford

- Male
- 30-35
- Zip Code

Last Engaged Category:  Furniture
- time spent:  4:32
- average price:  $60

Most Recent Purchase Category:  Apparel
- average price:  $55

Search Queries:
- weather stations
- blue top hat

Last Update:  1/24/18 08:03:25

Soon we plan to announce a real time dashboard for the community to view the throughput of data across our network.  Stay tuned!

Chad Ledford